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CAN (Community Acupuncture Newbury) at The Wellbeing Centre

I am the proud founder of a  low-cost, multi-bed acupuncture clinic at The Wellbeing Centre in Newbury. CAN (Community Acupuncture Newbury) will be offering acupuncture treatments for a wide range of conditions on a Monday evening from 5-9 pm. Appointments can be made by either phoning me on 07913 621096, emailing eileen@eileenbose. com or calling The Wellbeing Centre on 0800 0430713.

This is the first acupuncture clinic in Berkshire and The Wellbeing Centre provides the perfect setting for people to be treated in a caring and nurturing environment. At the moment, CAN comprises 3 treatment couches, so 3 people can be treated simultaneously.

Multi-bed acupuncture is a relatively new movement that aims to make acupuncture accessible to more people. By offering treatments for only £15 for a 50 minute session, this enables people who could otherwise not afford regular acupuncture to experience what it can offer. It is also ideal for people who would benefit from weekly treatments. An initial consultation, lasting 1 hour will cost £35.

But affordable acupuncture isn’t the only advantage of a Community Clinic, many people find that being treated alongside others gives them a greater sense of wellbeing and many practitioners feel that the healing power of Qi is greatly enhanced.

I so look forward to experiencing this with you.

For more information on Multi-bed Clinics, have a look at the Association for Community and Multi-Bed Clinics website (ACMAC) of which CAN at The Wellbeing Centre is proud to be a Member.